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Akademgorodok is one of the most important scientific and educational centers in Russia. On the territory of Akademgorodok there are dozens of research institutes, mostly fundamental Sciences.

Development concept provides for the creation of three growth points to ensure the sustainable development of the great Akademgorodok.

Sigma city public and business center. Academgorodok. The planned public and business center is located on Kutateladze street, on the territory of a former automobile enterprise. The site is located in close proximity to the Academpark , Edem Mall, and food hypermarket. The creation of such a center is caused by the urgent need of innovative companies for commercial space. The planned object should become the dominant public space that unites the upper and lower zones of the Akademgorodok. In order to reduce the level of prospective load of the adjacent transport network, the project provides for the renovation of the existing railway track into a tram line to ensure accessibility to the «Seyatel» railway station.

Science city of interdisciplinary interaction Cloud city. The vast, free from development territory between Akademgorodok and the science city of Koltsovo. Close proximity to the medical research center of the lower zone of Akademgorodok. The development concept provides for the creation of modular blocks of variable storeys. Each of the blocks has its own internal space permeated with public facilities, coworking, food-court, gym

The block grid is built up in a staggered order, where blocks alternate with green zones. The linear composition of the city center is represented by a Park with various public facilities. The concept provides for the use of exclusively ecological transport within the city.

Сигма 1
Сигма 4
Сигма 2
Сигма 3
Сигма 5
Облачный город 3
Облачный город 2
кампус день 1а (2)
кампус вечер 1а (2)
Облачный город 4
Планировка кампус
Планировка свечки
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