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The subject of this project, - a multifunctional complex is placed in the public center of Koltsovo

science park, Russian Federation. The latter is one of the most rapidly developing city in the structure of Novosibirsk Scientific Center.

Currently, there is a Biotechnopark in Koltsovo, uniting residents of innovation technology companies of federal level, “Vector”- state scientific center of virology which is one of two in the world. There is also an upcoming creation of 4th level synchrotron, a Siberian Super Compact Photon Source "Skiff" unique for the country.

The ambitious plan of Koltsovo science park development includes creating world class standard of living, ensuring competitive environment attractive for professional people.

The area which is meant to be under construction is part of the public center along the main street of Koltsovo adjacent to the park zone in Zaboburikha river floodplain. It situationally unites left-bank historical part of the place and the actively developing area on the right bank.

Considering rapid population growth, our project covers partitioning of traffic flows, both pedestrian and motor, we suggest creating a united pedestrian esplanade allowing to access new districts, center and historical part of the city specifically, by footbridges over the river. Traffic service is provided on 2 lower levels underneath pedestrian lanes.

There is no traffic transit through the park. The entire complex is stylistically and constructively enveloped by integral structure with fibrous concrete panels contributing to the contemporary and well-recognized shape, corresponding to its purpose.

The architectural image of the complex construction is polymorphen which allows the outlines of the buildings to change subtly flowing from one another seamlessly. Despite high-rise dominance and standing out, the complex is quite symbiotic and integrates into the landscape.

We apply combined construction approach – the main bearing structure is made of jointless ossature solid reinforced concrete while outside form is made of structures steel structures. The building is designed on a pile foundation with slab grillage from solid reinforced concrete.

Our project provides modern energy efficient engineering solutions, systems of individual climate control, air humidity regulation in the apartments.

The entire area of the complex is 118 300 square meters. Estimated implementation of the project is in 2024.

Логотип фирмы белый с прозрачным запасом
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