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The designed territory is a very important historical place where the city of ufa was founded at the confluence of the belaya and sutoloka rivers.

the space along the mouth of sutoloka river, forms the view of the city at entrance.

this current view is formed by the sporadic, mostly residential constructions and the sight of polluted, degrading sutoloka  river falling into  belaya river through the city collector.

public access to the embankment is blocked by main city roads.

the aim of the project is to pay tribute to nature, create comfortable accessible environment and ensure that the city face corresponds to its role of a state’s capital.

this project includes:

- creating an architectural ensemble with natural and urbanistic landscapes integrated seamlessly and functionally with the existing and future development;

- making sutoloka river mouth accessible for public though pedestrian overpasses underneath the upcoming road interchange;

- creating a system of underground and elevated pedestrian crossings ensuring safe passage of people in the recreational area between “vatan” park, embankment and park in the valley of sutoloka river;

- regeneration of the river by creating artificial riverbed with ponds, purification and flooding systems. this includes aesthetic and functional enrichment of the park structure along the river for year-round use;

- taking into account cultural and historical importance of the area, we  consider placing a multifunctional complex “ufa” as an architectural high-rise which would dominate the landscape. it will connect the embankment, the river mouth and the park in the river valley into united architectural ensemble the solutions, suggested by this project aim to create a modern urban environment, attractive for the residents of the city and tourists, stimulating both - development of the adjacent areas and the city itself as a whole.

Рендер от Вити 2
Рендер от Вити 1
УФА_28 - Photo
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Логотип фирмы белый с прозрачным запасом
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