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The designed complex is located in the city of Cheongju, South Korea. The development area is bounded by four city streets with strict orientation to the cardinal points. 


In accordance with the competition, the project implies the dismantling of all existing buildings with the exception of the old city hall building, which involves reconstruction to the original appearance of the building.


The project will result into the creation of a multifunctional complex - a new city hall.


The composition of the complex is represented by a high-rise dominant and a developed stylobate with underground parking.


"PRIZMATIQ" private residence is designed for a family of 5 people, permanently living at this facility. The construction site is located in Siberian federal district, Novosibirsk region.

This design project provides innovative and energy efficient engineering solutions. The building configuration and layout in space, namely primary air flows, ensure no snow heaps at the entrance and on the roof.


Koltsovo public center. Multifunctional complex "NAUKOGRAD". The area defined for construction of the object is part of the community center along Prospekt Akademika Sandakhchiev.

The composition of the complex is represented by three volumes of various functional purposes connected by the atrium space of the public and business block.

The complex is stylistically and structurally united by a single parametric structural shell-giving a modern, recognizable appearance corresponding to the location and status of the object.


The 1st stage of the development concept provides for the creation of three growth points to ensure the sustainable development of the great Akademgorodok​.


The main goal of the GREAT AKADEMGORODOK. is to create conditions for the development of advanced science, 
the placement of high- tech industries and innovative companies of the world level.

Attracting and maintaining human resources by creating comfortable living conditions.

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Рендер от Вити 1.jpg

Project goal - to pay tribute to the natural heritage, create a comfortable, required environment and ensure the archotectural city face accrding to the mrgapolis and the capital of the republic.


The designed territory is the most important historical place where the city of UFA was founded at the fusion of the "belaya" river and "sutoloka" river. 

Space along the coastal formed in mouth of the "sutoloka" river, formes the text of the city at entrance.


The current state is characterized by spontaneous, mostly residential, buildings and polluted, degraded river hustle, which flows into the Belaya river through the collector. the space of the embankment is cut off from visitors by city highways.

"TRID" private residence location is designed in Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. The construction site is placed in the pine forest. The main requirement of the design is to preserve the existing forest while making the residence highly functional. This requirement is met by integrating the growing plants into the interior of the house continue living within.



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